Being an Admin
In this wiki, Jessie, being an admin has requirements. A user has to have at least 300 edits in any of these pages. our edit can't be just adding random categories to pages. Please limit categories of pages to three. And don't put unnecessary information and categories on pages. A user also have to be active on a daily basis.
After being granted permission of an admin, users have to be online regularly and edit as much as they can. The edits have to be related to the topic. Each admin will be given a task by the head admin which is me. This task will vary from Researching for episode information, uploading new and relevant photos and so on. Once this wiki has expanded, admin meetings will occur to discuss new features for the wiki.
Once you have reached 300 or more edits to the wiki and wishes to be an admin, leave me a message. Not all request will be granted as there will be a maximum number of admin for this wiki, which will be decided in the future. I will then do a screening on your edits and see if you are worthy of becoming an admin. If you are not granted an admin rights, you may be given the Chat Moderator right.